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Taras Shevchenko

Encyclopedia of the life and works


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Saiga (fol. 25 r.)


Samaritan. In the barn

Samaritan. Outline


Schooner "Constantine" and "Nicholas"

Schooner "Constantine" under reparation

Schooner in Novopetrovsk fort harbor

Schooner near fort Kos-Aral

Schooner sailing (fol. 25 v.)


Schooners and boats (fol. 9 r.)

Schooners near Kos-Aral fort

Schooners preparation

Schooners preparation (2)

Selene and Endymion (fol. 2 r.)

Selene and Endymion (fol. 2 v.)

Self-portrait 1840

Self-portrait 1843

Self-portrait 1845

Self-portrait 1847

Self-portrait 1849

Self-portrait 1849

Self-portrait 1850

Self-portrait (1851, Among friends)

Self-portrait 1851

Self-portrait (1853, Bajgushi)

Self-portrait 1853

Self-portrait (1857, Kazakh boy with cat)

Self-portrait 1857