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Taras Shevchenko

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All prosaic stories and dramatic works Shevchenko wrote in Russian. After Shevchenko's death manuscripts of novels and some dramas went on to save to M.M. Lazarevsky, who published in the journal "Osnova" (1862. – № 3. – p. 142-143) report about them.

The manuscripts were deposited to N. I. Kostomarov and lay motionless nearly twenty years. Over 1880th years dramatic and prose works of Shevchenko were published separately in various publications (see comments on each piece), and soon appeared in a separate edition: Poems, novels and stories by Shevchenko, written in russian language. With portrait of poet / edition of the "Kievskaya starina" magazine. – Kiev, 1888. Some of them, which first was published in the magazine "Kievskaya starina", represented here as in magazine.

The publication of individual works and collections accompanied with preambles of which one learn that the editors of "Kievskaya starina" had autographs. However, in all publications assumed many discrepancies with Shevchenko's text. Scientific publishing of stories by autographs began in the mid XX century: T. Shevchenko Complete collection of works in five volumes (K., 1939); T. Shevchenko Complete Works in ten volumes (K., 1939-1957) T. Shevchenko Complete Works in six volumes (K., 1963-1964).

After the Russian edition of Shevchenko by "Kievskaya starina" some stories published in Ukrainian:

Princess: The Story dedicated to B. Zaleski / Translation by Perebendia (pseudonym of O. Konysky. – Ed.) // Pravda. – 1889. – № 2. – P. 312-337;

Varnak (Convict): Story / To the Ukrainian-Ruthenian language translated by Perebendia // Zorja. – 1893. – № 5. – S. 81-90;

Artist: autobiography story / To Ukrainian language translated by O.J.Konysky. – Lviv, 1894, and others.


Varnak (convict)




Captain's woman