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Taras Shevchenko

Encyclopedia of the life and works


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A boy with a dog in the woods

A boy with a dog in the woods. Thumbnail

A fragment of stone building against the church

A man on the deck of the schooner (fol. 23 v.)

A man stands on one leg. Sketch

A soldier with a gun. Girl. Sketches

A woman in a sundress

A woman knelt in front of a nun

A woman who sits. Sketch

A woman with a shawl. Sketch

A. Butakov and A. Istomin during winter at Kos-Aral

A.D. Menshikov

A.V. Suvorov

Academy of Art student before the easel. Sketch

Acknowledgement from cardinals

Admission of King Stanislaw's envoys


After the capture of castle by Confederates

Against Kazan

Agaspejar cemetery

Ak-Dzhulpas (fol. 26 v.)


Ak-Kuduk. Sketch

Ak-Tau mountain ridges


Akmysh Tau

Akmysh Tau (2)

Alexander the Great shows trust to doctor Philip

All Saints church in Kyiv-Pechersk lavra

Among thieves