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Taras Shevchenko

Encyclopedia of the life and works


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Half-size figure of Napoleon. Sketch

Hand with cover for shako

Hand with pistol. A man standing. Sketches

Hand with pistol. Etude

Hand. Sketch

Hanga Baba

Hanga Baba (2)

Hanga Baba (3)

Happy catcher

Harvest. Fire. Blind woman with daughter and other sketches

Harvest. Sketch

Head of a cow

Head of camel

Head of Christ

Head of sitter in Marsyas posture

Head of the Cossack in cap. Sketch

Head of the Cossack. Sketch

Head of the horse. Etude

Head of the horse. Etude (fol. 4 v.)

Head of the officer. Sketch

Head of the old man. Outline


Headstone in a Novopetrovsk fort cemetery

Headstone in Hanga Baba

Herself in her house

Herself in her house. Drawing

Herself in her house. Sketch

Hillocks in desert

Hilly coast of Nicholas island

Holy cross exaltation monastery in Poltava