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Taras Shevchenko

Encyclopedia of the life and works


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Laden camels (fol. 14 v.)

Landscape near Novopetrovsk fort

Landscape sketches

Landscape sketches (fol. 24 v.)

Landscape with church

Landscape with church (fol. 19 r.)

Landscape with river

Landscape with river (fol. 27 v.)

Landscape with stone figures

Landscape. Sketch

Landscape. Sketch (2)

Landscape. Sketch (3)

Landscapes mountainous shores of the Aral Sea (fol. 5 v.)

Lazarus Clap

Liberation of St.Peter from prison

Liberty trees cut down

Lighthouse Kos-Aral

Loaded camel (fol. 14 r.)

Lost cards

Lot with his daughters (fol. 3 r.)

Low shore of Nicholas island