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Taras Shevchenko

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Taras Shevchenko. Thistle

Taras Shevchenko. Thistle. Sketch. Stained paper and pencil (14.3 × 24.3 cm). [Novopetrovsk fort]. [Summer 1856]. Taras Shevchenko National Museum, inv. g – 587.

Top right ink marked: Number 117 – 159.

Sketch used as detail of the picture "Diogenes" 1856.

Storage areas: V. Tarnowski's Chernihiv museum of ukrainian antiquities – № 352, Chernihiv Historical Museum, Gallery of pictures by T.H. Shevchenko (Kharkiv).

V. O. Sudak

After publication: Taras Shevchenko Complete Works in 10 volumes. – Kyiv: ed. Academy of sciences of UkrSSR, 1964, Vol. 9, № 171 (image), p. 75 (note).