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Volga (2)

Taras Shevchenko. Volga (2)

Taras Shevchenko. Volga. Stained paper and pencil (10.3 × 28.6 cm). [31.VIII – 3.IX 1857]. Taras Shevchenko National Museum, inv. g – 598.

There is barely visible inscription in pencil (obviously hand Shevchenko) at the bottom right: B.4, marked with ink at the top: Number 117 – 100.

Picture made in the journey the Volga between Saratov and Balakovo. This argues by author's numbering of figures "Near Saratov", "Saratov" with the number 2, 3 and "Balakovo" with the number 5.

See eponymous landscape number 86.

In the literature is found under the title: "River, ships on it" ["Catalogue of V. Tarnowski's museum of ukrainian antiquities", Vol. II, Chernigov, 1900, p. 187, № 366], "River and the boat" [A. Novitsky, Taras Shevchenko as a painter, Lviv – Moscow, p. 66, № 413].

Storage areas: V. Tarnowski's Chernihiv museum of ukrainian antiquities – № 366, Chernihiv Regional History Museum, Gallery of pictures Shevchenko, Kharkiv.

N. P. Prokopenko

After publication: Taras Shevchenko Complete Works in 10 volumes. – Kyiv: ed. Academy of sciences of UkrSSR, 1963, v. 10, № 87 (image), p. 48 (note).