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Taras Shevchenko

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I.I. Diebitsch

Taras Shevchenko. Portrait of I.I.…

Taras Shevchenko. Portrait of I.I. Diebitsch. Engraving (11,1 × 10 cm) placed between pages 284 – 285 of the book "Russian generals" by N.A.Polevoj.

Diebitsch of Trans-Balkan Ivan (1785 – 1831) – Count, Russian military figure, General Field Marshal.

To create this portrait Shevchenko enjoyed the work of English painter George Dawe, executed in 1823 – 1824 for the Military Gallery of the Winter Palace. Shevchenko in this work could also use prints by T. Wright, V. Alekseev, N. Antonov and others met for a work of George Dawe.

Considering the engraved portraits of I.I. Diebitsch, D.A. Rovinsky provided a description of the portrait published in N.A.Polevoj's book, without mentioning names of artist and engraver [Rovinsky D.A. Detailed dictionary of Russian engraved portraits. – St. Petersburg, 1889. – T. 1. – S. 572 – 573].

N.P. Prokopenko

After publication: T.H. Shevchenko Complete Works in 12 volumes. – Kyiv: Naukova Dumka, 2003, v. 7, p. 198 – 199 (image), p. 421 (note).