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Taras Shevchenko

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Ascension cathedral in Perejaslav (fol. 5 r.)

Taras Shevchenko. Ascension cathedral…

Taras Shevchenko. Ascension cathedral in Perejaslav. Watercolor.
[VIII-IX 1845]. Sheet 5 of album 1845.

Lower left – ink inscription by Shevchenko hand: Ascension cathedral in Perejaslav (builded by hetman Mazepa, 17 cent.).

On the back bottom right – inscription in pencil: Kathedralna Cerkiew w Perejasławie fundacyi Jana Mazepy.

This church is mentioned in the story "Gemini": "This is a beautiful cathedral, a graceful, semi-rococo, semi-byzantine architecture, built by the famous anathema, Ivan Mazepa in 1690".

Dated by the time of Shevchenko's staying in Pereyaslav in 1845.

N. P. Prokopenko

After publication: Taras Shevchenko Complete works in 10 volumes. – Kyiv: ed. Academy of sciences of UkrSSR, 1961, Vol. 7, part 2, № 208 (image), p. 14 (note).

The figure presents the view from the northwest. Depicted gate of the monastery, chapel, Ascension cathedral and bell tower.